VSD Viewer for Visio Drawings Відгуки

It really works

The best VISIO viewer for MAC Platform

Works as intended

Awesome, never have a problem viewing visio diagrams. Would be awesome if we can get the create/edit functionality as well.

It simply works!

No greater compliment to an app than “VSC Viewer does what it’s supposed to do - flawlessly”.

Great App for looking at Visios

Works awesome for viewing and sharing visios over presentations. Is everything that I expected.


Works as advertised!

Great app works as intended

Great app been using for a couple of years to handle VSDs coming from other network engineers. Helps great when I’m on call and need to know network diagrams that I’m not familiar with.

Truth in advertising! VSD Viewer Works, text formatting is correct!

Attempted to get away with another “Visio Viewer” program just under $7, but it fell short of expectation when it failed the text formatting of several docs. Docs looked horrible as text labels were misplaced etc, regardless of their advertised claim. However, look no further! This Visio doc viewer "VSD Viewer” works as advertised. I have reopened all other docs which were problematic and presto! All good! Happy customer.

Best Visio viewer I’ve Used

Highly recommend this!

It’s the best Visio Viewer. Period.

This is the best Visio Viewer for OS X. Other Visio viewers don’t render drawing properly. VSD Viewer flawlessly renders all my Visio Drawing.

It just works…And that’s what I want

I occationally get VSD files from my windows using team members and this opens and displays them like a charm. That’s all I need from it and it does what I need very well.

Works as advertised

Very helpful, and good value for the $.

Excellent viewer for OSX

I've had this for over a year and have never had a snag using it. The only thing I'd like to see is the finger pinch zoom feature for the touchpad.

fast, works on every vision I’m thrown at it

Visio is the only Windows tool I miss. But with VSD viewer I can review any visio I have or any visio someone sends me. It just works. cool.

Worsk GREAT! Able to get over Visio Version Mayhem!

Works great - the clarity of the pdf pictures is phenomenal, and makes it very easy to open documents from clients in all kinds of different Visio versions. Really helpful App, thanks!

Good Program but..

Love the program and the addition of a pinch zoom makes this program a must have for any Mac user who works with Visio files. Well worth the price

I love this app

I need to review visio diagrams on a very frequent basis and this application does a great job. If you need to view visio diagrams, get this app!

It just works

Opened the first file and it was correct and ready to view, convert to pdf, and print. No issues were discovered and it just works as you would expect.

Love this app

Perfect for use with Omnigraffle exported visio docs. Now I can create awesome diagrams, export to Visio for my MS friends, and check it using VSD Viewer before sending it off. Thanks guys!

Great little tool if you don’t own Visio

Have been using this tool for quite some time now. It always has worked reliably and allowed me to quickly view the Visio diagrams my colleagues are producing. It does one thing and it does it really well. Totally recommend it!

Unlike all comments, the app does not work.

Have tried it on one VSD-file, and it open very distorted. Will try it with other VSD files.

A winner

Most Visio viewers and diagramming apps on Mac are complete junk, but this one is a winner. Correctly renders even the most complex Visio documents, and export to PDF feature is a nice touch. After trying up an app for a week - this purchase was a no brainer.

Can’t see text

I can open the visio but I can’t see text in boxes unless I highlight the text. Not helpful.

Great App for all Apple Devices

I have this app on all of my apple devices. That includes my iPhone, iPad and MACs. Can't live without it. I also have received great support when a diagram fails to display. Contact support and they send me a version that works until the fix gets into the next release. Tom

Excelent App

It works fine with text inside figures.

The other reason you should buy this app...

One of the bigger concerns for me moving to a Mac platform (after spending 25 years using Windows) was the loss of the Visio application. Working in IT it is CRITICAL that I have an app that can read Visio files - regardless of what version they were created in. After researching I selected this app and I have to say that I was VERY pleased with it - as it lived up to its promises - right up until it stopped working after just a few weeks. But keep reading for the whole story... As with any application that you spend your good money on, you don’t want to feel that it wasn’t a wise investment. And this is where not only this application shines, but the company behind it as well. After contacting their support team and explaining the issue, they worked without pause until a resolution was determined and a fix provided, and did it all in a very short timeframe keeping me informed and updated along the way (almost unheard of anymore). After testing, they provided me with the (updated) application which I promptly put through its paces to verify and validate it for myself. And yes, it (again) works perfectly. I honestly don’t know which has impressed me more; The application - which performs as billed, or the support team (and by extension, their company) who demonstrated that they care about both their product AND their customer. I don’t like to give a perfect rating simply because for the most part you don’t know how the company will respond when it comes time to stand behind their product(s). Well I know how this company responds and because of my experience with both the product and the company behind it, I am very comfortable rating it (and them) 5 stars!

No distortions, just double click to open

This app is worth a premium. I do a lot of high end Visio work with custom stencils (Cisco, Riverbed, Juniper, etc.). I use VMware fusion to switch to Windows for that. However, just to browse existing Visio files, this app does the trick. You can either drag files to it for conversion or simply double click a *.vsd file to open. Make sure you go into Preferences and check “Render metafiles with transparent backgrounds.” Otherwise you may see white blobs of space for shapes with transparency. I checked some pretty complex vsd files with gradients and custom stencils. I can’t see any distortions or text artifacts. This is the app to get. Well worth the $15.

Doesn't work on my mac

It allows me to open the vsd file, but none of the shapes have any info in them. If I open in Visio it is all there. Not sure what the issue is.

Useful app!!!

I liked the viewer as it allows me to preview all Visio drawings of all formats I have, worth viewer for Visio guys, it contained many features can't found on other apps on the App Store

The Best VSD App Ever.

Visio viewer is really amazing, i loved it because it helped me to escape from saving drawings to pdf. Working great, just found what i was searching for long time :-)


I'm So glad to download this VSD Viewer today! It goes beyond the abilities that are revealed in the former one I had used. Now I can open VSD files on my mac easily and view files with zoom-in/out and more functions!!! Also I can Save it to PDF for distribution. Amazing!

Great helpful app!

I installed this app on my Macbook Pro and was able to preview the Visio documents as if I was looking at them in Visio. I particularly like the switching layers capability. Excellent option for those who don't have Visio installed on their computer, but need to review the files. Thumbs up!

Highly recommended tool for multi-platform office

I was looking for a simple and uncluttered tool to view MS Visio files on my MBP, and gave a try to this VSD viewer. This app does the job as described, but what I really love about it is layers function - we use MS Visio to create floor plans for our office relocation, and this function in the app is exactly what I need to prepare for steering meetings - I can now show different floor plans and flowcharts (export to separate pdfs) from the same file to different departments. No more need for me to go to designer and ask for files and versions. Now I do it easily myself. This really saves tones of time and nerves :) Really glad with the decision to buy this app (although it is not cheap, but my peace of mind is worth it). Thanks developer, it really took pressure out of my head :)

Does not work - all diagram labels are simply blacked out

All the text on every diagram fails to display - you just get black boxes so the diagrams are completley unusable. All you get are the diagram outline and the only text that works is the notes. I would pay more than $15 for this if it worked. To pay $15 for an app that displays diagrams I expect at least basic functions like text labels to work. Can I get a refund? For $15 I can buy 15 other apps that work as advertised.

Great application that fills a big gap

I am sure I am not alone in that the only reason I have Windows in Bootcamp is for Visio. Although there are tools like Omnigraffle, etc on OSX, they just aren't Visio and they can't read VSD files cleanly. While, I still need Windows to create or edit VSDs, I can atleast look at them in OSX now which is a huge time saver. This app does exactly what it says and it does it very well. The only thing that keeps it from a 5 star for me is that I have to drag the file into the app vs just being able to open it directly. In reality, that's no big deal, but I am a hard reviewer :)

Great Utility

After booting up my Windows 7 VM for the 5th time in a day to simply view a VSD file, I had enough. I found this app in the Mac AppStore and took the plunge. The $15 price point seems just right for this app as it will save me a good bit of time each day viewing my team's VSD files. The VSD viewer has rendered everything I throw at it with no problems. The export to PDF worked flawlessly. I initially had a few minor performance issues on my 13" Retina MBP, but I've got my resolution increased and the latest version seems to have resolved the issues! Overall a great utility…works exacly as described and well worth the price in the convenience and time it will save me.

It works

Price seems a bit high for a viewer, but it's a toss in the bucket compared to buying OmniGaffle. Overall it works well! No complaints. Thank you for a decent product!

Finally! a working Visio viewer for Mac

I stumbled across this app in a seach for a Visio viewer. I don't want to pay for a full package (like OG), nor do i want my files shuttled to a web service (like VizMac) - I just need a simple, low-cost local viewer. It looks to be a fairly new app (April 2013) and the Nektony website shows tools for Mac, iPad and iPhone. I went ahead and took the plunge, and bought the Mac app. I tried it on several dozen Visio files (.vsd) and it works great! To me, a lone Mac user in a sea of PC users, this tool is just what I needed. I look forward to the updates. Thank you.

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